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  • Welcome to Saint Maximilian Kolbe!

    We are the Christian Community of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, a Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Embracing our many and diverse gifts, we are united in Christ Jesus. Challenged by the teachings of Our Lord, and inspired by the example of our Patron, we strive to serve God, and to minister to others, in prayer, sacrament, faith formation, and charity.
  • "Let Me Help" 2016-2019

    We are asking for everyone's help, asking each of us to model our patron saint, St. Maximilian Kolbe, who points to himself and says "Let Me Help". We are working hard to eliminate our parish debt by the year 2019. We must continue to make  our monthly loan payments, to eliminate this debt. Being free from this debt will enable us to renovate, build, grow and invite others to join us on our faith journey. Our love for Jesus Christ in the Eucharist unites us all on this journey.
    We hope you and your family have received by now, the St. Maximilian Kolbe Church photo book. It shows the beauty in and around our amazing parish campus and church. You may also download a copy here.
    We pray this will inspire us to see, feel and honor, our history and our growth through the years, as a loving Catholic Community of faith. If you have not already made your pledge to help with the debt, we ask you to please prayerfully consider this. For more information, please contact us in the parish office, as we are here to serve! (281) 955-7324.
    Below is a video of Fr. John Kha Tran's homily, the weekend of November 13th, as we began our "Let Me Help, Clear Our Debt" program.



    We always appreciate your generosity! You may easily schedule a regular monthly offertory or make a one time donation to St. Maximilian Kolbe using Faith Direct; our parish code is TX625:

    To learn more about automated giving using Faith DirectClick here!

  • DSF- Diocesan Services Fund

    "His Mercy Endures Forever"
    The 50th Anniversary!

    Click the above image to visit the Archdiocese/DSF webpage for more information. You may watch the DSF 2016 Video below:

  • Christmas decorating

    Calling ALL Pre-Confirmation & Confirmation students!! We will hold a contest between these 2 classes of our youth - a contest to decorate our parish campus!

    SATURDAY, DEC. 10th
    [9:00 A.M. Set-up]
    Begin @ 10:00 A.M. 

    If you have extra outdoor decorations or lights to offer, please bring them!

  • annual christmas pageant

    Please plan to come to a rehearsal in the Church on Thursday, December 8th  @ 5:30PM-6:30PM for our parish Christmas Pageant! Open to all youth 1st grade through High School!

    The Christmas Pageant will be held on Friday, December 23, 2016
    @ 7:30 PM

    For more information please contact Jenn Henkel:  jenn@stmaximilian.org or phone: 281-955-7324 x108

  • advent bible study 

    During this Advent season, we are offering a class to help those who would like to improve their relationship with Christ through Scripture. 
    We will meet 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Room 215.
    Dec 13th: Praying with the Scriptures  (Presented by Molly Smith)
    **E-mail Molly for more information:  mollyknierysmith@hotmail.com

  • sharing joy on christmas

    On Christmas day, St. Maximilian parishioners will prepare and serve meals to over 1,800 people at 10 different Houston shelters. There will be something for everyone to help make this Christmas gift a success, including:  volunteering to serve on Christmas day, donating food items and other supplies, or making cash contributions.  If you would like to be a site captain who will be responsible for helping in the preparation process and take charge of one of the shelters on Christmas day, please call Bobby Knight at 281-813-0983 for more information.
    Click for Information Flyer!

    Visit our Social Concerns Outreach webpage...

  • Bp. Barron's Advent Reflections

    • The third Sunday of Advent is referred to as “Gaudete” Sunday. In Latin, Gaudete is a positive command that means, “Rejoice!” We Christians are a joyful people. In fact, St. Paul tells the...